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SmallWhiteStarWHAT IS TFAA?

TFAA is the acronym for Tech Fiji Alumni Association, an organization made up of all the Graduate Brothers of the Theta Tau Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at Tennessee Tech University. TFAA was initiated by the TFI Board of Directors with the two 150px-PhiGammaDelta-Mascotpronged focus of improving the Undergraduate Chapter through Graduate support and advising and fostering the axiom that Pig Gamma Delta is truly “Not for College Days Alone” in our Graduates.

Our hope is to bring the alumni of the Theta Tau Chapter the most information about what is going on with their fellow brothers.  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email the Web Site Administrator.  Enjoy your stay!



The Board of Chapter Advisors (BCA) was reestablished in 2007 with three graduates volunteering to aid the chapter. The BCA is a distinct entity from the housing corporation. It exists to provide assistance to the Purple Legionnaire (who will act as Board Chairman) though mentoring and guidance to the undergraduate chapter in the areas of:BCA

  • Chapter Finance / Fundraising
  • Pledge Education
  • Graduate Communication
  • Pig Dinner / Homecoming
  • Rush / Recruitment
  • Scholarship
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Community Service
  • Public/Campus Relations
  • Any other areas of need as set by the Purple Legionnaire
The current Board of Chapter Advisors (BCA)
Name Position
Kyle Bush Purple Legionnaire / Board Chairman
J.R. Gillette Chapter Finance / Fundraising
Jeremy Govero Pledge Education
Mitch Robinson Graduate Communication
Paul Cronin Pig Dinner / Homecoming
Todd Arrants Rush / Recruitment
Kyle Bush Historian Advisor
vacant Scholarship
vacant Awards and Recognition
vacant Community Service
vacant Public/Campus Relations
Luke Denney Correspondence Advisor

Any Graduate Brother who is interested in serving on the Board of Chapter Advisers (BCA) should contact the Purple Legionnaire



Regional gRADUATE Chapters

The Tech Fiji Alumni Association has helped set up graduate chapters in different regions to bring the alumni located in these areas together more often. So far, we have four chapters set up outside of the Cookeville region, one in Huntsville and one in Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga


Chattanooga Chapter

Nashville Chapter

Knoxville Chapter

Huntsville Chapter



 Distinguished Fiji Award


2009 DAVID W. OLIVE ’85

If Phi Gamma Delta molds leaders, then how does it recognize those that go on to excel in what they do? By awarding the Distinguished Fiji Award to deserving graduate Brothers! Do you know a graduate Brother who truly exemplifies the ideals of Phi Gamma Delta? A Brother who has gone on to “be all that he can be?” Maybe a pledge class member, a big bro or little bro? Nominations for our chapter’s 2014 Distinguished Fiji Award are now being solicited. The Theta Tau Chapter policy on this award is:

“The Distinguished Fiji Award will be presented annually at Pig Dinner to no more than five Graduate Brothers who shall be deserving of recognition for their faithful and unselfish service to Phi Gamma Delta or their special contribution to mankind and society at large.” Please nominate those men whom you would so honor with our Distinguished Fiji Award.

Below is this special bulletin and nomination form to download.

Nominations must be received by the Award Selection Committee on or before March 1, 2014!


Award Details and Nomination Form


gradate List

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Silver Owls

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