The campaign is lead by many volunteers who are graciously donating their resources to this important project. We are grateful to each of these men for their leadership and guidance as we work to build a new home for Theta Tau.

Campaign Chair

Charles Worsham, ’93

Steering Committee

First Name Last Name Class Year Phone Email
Bobby Adams 2015 423-967-6268
Landon Allison 2020 423-716-5496
Todd Arrants 1984 615-351-3809
Justin Cumby 2005 931-303-8748
Brian Douglas 1998 615-556-9787
Tad Engle 2011 615-517-0071
J.R. Gillette 2005 615-347-6181
Stacy Hunt 1990 615-945-6648
Matt Leonard 2001 615-566-4948
Billy Leslie 1993 615-969-8865
Mike MacIndoe 1984 865-548-6165
Tony Marable 931-265-8879
Chip Walton 2005 931-260-1271
Randy Wilmore 1982 931-446-0120
Charles Worsham 1993 330-671-3271


If you would be willing to lend a hand with the campaign to build a new home for Theta Tau, we would welcome your assistance!  Contact any of the committee members above to indicate your interest.