Graduates, Please help support TFI and the undergraduate chapter by joining THE THETA TAU 1848 CLUB

With only $18.48 a month, you can help support the chapter for many more generations of brothers!

With the construction the of new house now complete, it is time to help pay it off! Due to Covid 19, the undergraduate chapter has struggled to get new brothers, which in turn, has strapped them financially. It is our responsibility to help. NOT FOR COLLEGE DAYS ALONE!

Please consider joining TFI in helping do whatever we can to make sure this chapter thrives and gets through this crisis.

We have three levels of Commitment:

1. 1848 CLUB ($18.48 per month)

$18.48 will be charged to your major Credit/Debit Card automatically each month for as long as you wish to remain a member. Click the subscribe button below!

1848 Club ($18.48 Monthly)

2. 1848 Diamond Club ($154 per month or $1848 annually)

1848 Diamond Club ($154 Monthly)

1848 Diamond Club ($1848 Annually)

3. One Time Donation

If you wish to make a one-time donation to the 1848 club, please click the link below.

One Time Donation